The young lieutenant commander Judas Mason joins forces with a heartless Goddess in order to destroy the Universe, but embarks on his own quest to save the girl he loves and discover his true identity.

Ruu seeks to destroy the Universe and all it contains in order to restore eternity to zero.

Jack Aikawa is recruited from his homeworld for the Goddess of the Storm by a potential rival, who he later adopts as a kid brother.

After being killed by her younger brother and forced to face her lover in battle, Merlot Blackluster refuses to fight until she is won over by the words of a troubled young man.

Dr. Walter Lockwood helps Judas along by explaining the history of the Universe.

Wishing only for an end to the conflict, Cerios Ambereye is won over to the unconventional path.

Jeszryn Deed, the Fate, hopes to prevent the destruction of the Universe by her youngest sister.

Called The Warden, Mikkeil Deed tries her best to mediate between her two sisters while attacked by inner sources of guilt and confusion.

Following the wishes of his only friend, Sallas Shadowbound struggles with guilt, shame, jealousy and fear as he does the best he can with the cards he's been dealt.

The young and powerful Keeper Dragon Talonyne Blackluster obsesses over the real meaning of the Universe, Fate, the Trinity, and what it takes to defy one's destiny.

Falling in love with one particular enigmatic musician was one of the hardest things Seline Jackson ever did.

After waiting for nine years, Lilly DeLaney finally witnesses the return of the man she loves.

Behind the storm, there is a rainbow whose name is whispered to be Iris.